Daily Dose ‘Closing Shot’ by Lindstrøm

Lindstrøm (that’s Hans Peter Lindstrøm to you and me, y’hear) has been around for a bit, but in the new post Todd Terje solo album world he feels poised to find a large slice of new audience, such as myself. He has in fact worked with his countryman, the good Mr. Terje on 2013’s ‘Lanzarote’, which was a bit of a bawdy fun number, the kind that wears novelty hats and silly glasses. He’s got form in the disco world, so for people who really enjoy the new wave of disco, the fact that he’s putting out a new EP called Closing Shot is pretty pleasing. This track is a lovely slow builder, that sets out its building blocks before mixing and matching them, feeling them out and trying them on for size. It’s bright, springy, enjoyable, and it has a great ending, perhaps unsurprisingly given the name. It’s buzzy without being insistent, and it does a real good job of putting me in a real good mood. This has a good chance of being a real popular number at festivals this summer, given its joyous nature and the fact that it doesn’t feel at all as long as its eight minute run time. These Norwegians, they’re good at this house music producing lark.


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