Daily Dose: ‘All is Full of Love’ by Björk

Björk, eh? She’s got a bit of a rep, I understand, but look at this way: anything Lady Gaga or your favourite artistic auteur has done that seemed kooky or strange, Björk had done it first! And someone had almost certainty done it before her as well, it’s all just a big cycle of trendfollowing. Anyway, what’s really important is that Björk has one heck of a voice and has put out some pretty impressive work over the years, and music critics tend to absolutely adore her (those nebulous critics, am I right?). This offering is the last track from the album Homogenic (1997), which passed me by partially because it was the one after Post which remains the absolute bomb to this day (‘Army Of Me’ was on a cassette I had as a kid, and is still a stunning tune), and also probably mostly because I was in single digits when it came out. Anyway, this song is pretty nice, (there are at least two versions of it, so reader discretion is advised) with its slow pleasant build to a soft electronic crescendo. It does a fantastic bait and switch as well, with the fade out taking me by surprise the first time I heard it, so much so that I had to go back on put it straight on again so I could check that I had heard it right. I’m a sucker for non-traditional song structure in pop(ish) music. This is the sort of song that I suspect gets people thinking a little too much, but that’s okay, because if they weren’t doing that they could be doing bad things like dealing drugs or commenting on youtube videos. Better to lose oneself in the majesty of art and love, I guess.


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