Daily Dose: ‘Of Reality’ by TesseracT

Metal bands like to be different, and as we’ll see in the course of this little explanation, that usually translates to “farting up my system”. Anyway, Tesseract (I’m really not comfortable with the stylisation of the last “t” being capitalised, because I am a big square), are a progressive metal band from Milton Keynes, which is a definite contender for least metal place in the entire world. Seriously, I’ve met people from Buckinghamshire, and while they have clear and obvious good points, they are not metal. Because everything about Tesseract apparently has to be awkward, this song is actually three songs combined into one mega-song, with the constituent parts being titled ‘Eclipse’, ‘Palingenesis’ and ‘Calabi-Yau’, some of which are actual words. In sequence, then: ‘Eclipse’ feels like the sort of song you have to be quite an angry mood to really “get”, and just kind of downbeat ennui won’t cut it. To be fair though, I appreciated the sick prog bass solo half way through immensely, that was a real good time. On our second bite of the cherry we get a both a bit grungey and whiny, and I’m not sure at all how I feel about it, if I’m honest with you. I don’t hate it, and I like a lot where it takes off towards the end, but I don’t see myself listening to lots of it. The last segment, ‘Calabi-Yau’, is definitely the highlight, with the metal saxophone out of nowhere (sorry for spoilers), actually being un-ironically the most fun thing about the song. More of that please. This little trifecta is from an album called Altered State (27th March 2013), and I can honestly say that I’ve rarely encountered three songs (or nine minutes of one song, if you prefer), that has made me feel such a differing variety of opinions within the same freaking song.


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