Daily Dose: ‘Light Up The Sky’ by Bibio

As far as experimental electronic musicians from the UK’s West Midland region go, Bibio (real name Stephen Wilkinson) is probably at the pinnacle. This is from the album A Mineral Love, released on 1 April 2016, and it’s really enjoyable. The album passed me by initially, but I will be making an effort to get down to it fairly soon, because any music that is as much of a joy to listen to as this is okay in my book. The best way I can think of describing this is if the Bee Gees got mellow, got a firmware update and decided that they wanted to make as little sense as possible. The result is just under four minutes of unashamedly happy sound, and it is fantastic. It’s just a little bit funky, with that hint of R and also B that I so love these days, but couched in the electronic bleeps and bloops that make it seem so friendly and familiar. Also, who doesn’t like the idea of lighting up the sky? That’s a concept we should all be able to get behind. In short, this is rad and I’d be amazed if there’s anyone who actively dislikes it (although I bet someone will just to be a contrarian), and if you’re like me and a fan of the mellow, goofy tunes, this will be a treat.


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