Daily Dose: ‘A Retinue of Moons/The Infidel is Me’ by Rasputina

Cello rock is not really a genre that I’ve encountered at all in my travels, so I’m just going to do the crude thing, file this under folk rock and be done with it. It’s pretty dang exciting and catchy, provided you’re fine with the slightly odd experience of folk rock being played on a bunch of cellos. These guys have been around for a good long while though, with their debut album coming out in 1996, so they’ve basically perfected the art form by this point. The key member of Rasputina is Melora Creager, who’s got some serious form in her past, she’s played cello live with Nirvana, for instance (you can just imagine her widdling out that macabre line from ‘Something in the Way’ on stage). She’s also provided her voice to possibly the greatest cartoon on the internet: The Begun Of Tigtone, not for the faint of heart or brain. She writes all the music and lyrics, which normally take on a historical bent, when they’re not just exploding into a full concept album. The latter is the case on the album in question here, 2007’s Oh Perilous World, a haunting alt-rock epic that has parts that are as much prog rock as they are traditional folk music. I like this track, especially the ending, which kicks ass, and I will take any excuse to break out something with some seriously quirky instrumentation that doesn’t detract at all from the song.


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