Daily Dose: ‘Hard for a Man’ by Say Lou Lou

Over the course of this little extended musical experiment, I make a point of exposing myself to stuff that I wouldn’t normally listen to, either because I wouldn’t seek it out on my own or it wouldn’t be recommended to me. Most of it I view with mild interest, normally not really appreciating it as much as I would other stuff, but rarely outright disliking it. Occasionally I encounter pop songs such as this one, which bring absolutely nothing new to the field of advanced musical exploration in the year 2016, but I still can’t bring myself to dislike it because it does a fantastic job of checking all the right boxes with regards to pleasant aural sensation (firm slow beat, nice harmonies, uncomplicated recognisable melody). It’s very heavily produced, the lyrics are hardly revolutionary, and if you want Dream pop with a bit more subtlety than I’d quickly direct you towards Beach House, but there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, per se. It’s from the 2015 album Lucid Dreaming, which again, is a somewhat unoriginal name for an album, but far more famous people than a couple of nice sounding twins have made careers out of being inoffensive. I should emphasise that being safe is not necessarily bad, like I keep saying, it’s perfectly pleasant and easy to listen to, but I’d love to see them let loose with a bit personality at some point.


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