Daily Dose: ‘Numbered’ by Wire

Art-Punk is a genre that implies that you can barely play your instruments while being pretentious about it. Most of that description has probably been true about Wire at some point or another, but they’re still a fantastic UK post-punk (which means they came after 1976) band that never really got the recognition they deserved, which may be part of the reason why they are still releasing records to this day. I got to listen to their earliest albums a lot as a kid, and while I didn’t massively take to them then, outside of a few songs, I’ve always maintained a respect and interest in them, which is why when I saw that they were putting out a speedy follow up to 2015’s Wire, called Nocturnal Koreans (22nd April), I knew I wanted to try a slice of that action. One of the things that I always liked about Wire songs as a kid? The brevity, which they’re still doing a good line in: like yesterday’s Dose or the Wire songs of yesteryear, this gets in fast, makes its points, and then clears out. At two minutes on the dot, you’ve gotta make an impact, and this song sure does that, with its trickery laden production, robotic vocals, and familiar guitar-bass-drums formula being wrung round a couple of corners to make for a bit of variety from the usual Wire straight up (in terms of instrumentation) fare. It’s ear catching stuff, and that’s never a bad thing to be.


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