Daily Dose: ‘My Uncle’ by Ill Bill

Real life strife has meant that my writing has fallen off a cliff lately, so let’s try to get back on the horse. Speaking of getting back on the horse, here’s a song about the modern world’s opiate of choice, told through the perspective of one man’s admiration for uncle. What I love about this track, which I had heard back when it came out in 2008 but had completely forgotten about until recently, is that it gets in, does its damage, and then gets straight out. At just over a tidy two and half minutes long and with its no holds barred approach to lyrical realism, you ain’t got a lot of time to catch your breath with this one, but I think it’s fantastic as much for its sheer freaking simplicity and honesty as much as it is for its impact. Also, the part where Ill Bill calls out gansta rap and tells us to bang our heads through the wall slays me every time. Hip hop is at its top when it tells a great story and is catchy as hell, and this not only rolls perfectly but tells a story that’s easy to relate to, even if your uncle didn’t happen to be a notorious junkie. Call it a guilty pleasure or whatever, call it grim, but this tracks straight to the very real point


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