Daily Dose: ‘Silly Me’ by Yeasayer

Even though I don’t like every single one of their songs, I’m a big fan of the Yeasayer method and ethos, and the fact that they manage to put out often very unique sounding records that are still really easy to listen to. This song is no exception, being another bizarre ditty from the Amen and Goodbye album cleverly disguised as a summer pop hit. It’s pretty easy to get down to, and it decides to not go anywhere too wild with the lyrically content and structure (although as you would expect, it is smart in regards to both), it just takes an odd route to get there with its unusual instrumentation and sparse layering. If you like experimental indie pop, you’ll certainly like this, and they’ve always done a good quirky pop song, they’ve just not really caught the mainstream traction that this might. I don’t know what is going on with the videos though, I know that they are high concept art and all that, but I just feel like I can hardly watch them anymore or else I won’t focus on the song. And I want to focus on the song, because the song is both good fun and seriously catchy, and it will get caught in more heads than just mine, I’m sure.


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