Daily Dose: ‘Heaven Have Mercy’ (Edith Piaf cover) by Diamanda Galas

Really going in heavy on the atmosphere this week, so consider that a first warning. For starters, Edith Piaf is a French national icon, and with good reason, so covering her is always a strong choice. As a follow up, Diamanda Galas is one of the more bizarre avant-garde composers and performers you will come across, and her non cover based songwork often borders on the downright scary, so I would steer clear of that unless you really like your experimental music to have a real sense of terror about it. That said, this here song is pretty spooky as well, with its swooping operatic vocals and air raid siren accompaniment, but I guess, like her other work, it’s meant to be as much art as a tune, so that’s fine. It actually works out as a pretty epic piece of cinematic musical fiction, even if it is somewhat overblown, and I bet it would a fantastic companion to, I don’t know, an enormous world ending war, for instance. Releasing any song with just the classic musical trio of voice, piano and air raid siren to fall back on takes a fair bit of chutzpah whatever the circumstance, but such boldness is magnified when the musical offering is one that aspires to such spacious presence as this does. I certainly don’t dislike it, and it’s some real different fare, which is always good.


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