Daily Dose: ‘There Is A Ghost’ by Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull has had a bit of a career. This is good, as she possess a truly fantastic singing voice, and was, I’m told, a bit of a stunner back in the day, to boot. She’s varied her musical output a tad, but I think when you’ve been pumping out quality tunes since the sixties you can do what you like when it comes to varying your music. This little number is fairly dirgey and moody, as you’d expect coming from an album called Before The Poison (2005), which as a whole has a pretty dark and fantastical sound. In fact, Faithfull embraced the melancholy vibe so much she even wrote a couple of songs (including this one) with Nick Cave, that well known beacon of positive feeling and optimism. The album as a whole is supposedly a representation of living in a post 9/11 world, so you know what to expect when you get into it, but to be honest, if you are in the right mood (i.e.: not downright miserable), it’s actually a fairly captivating and pleasant listen. This song is no exception, it’s beautiful and actually kind of sweet, and her voice is still just absolutely great. It’s such a special sound, that my family actually still have their original copy of the ‘As Tears Go By’ (her big sixties single), despite getting rid of most of their other vinyl. The fact that her voice is still as striking (if not particularly jolly) some forty years later is pretty damn impressive.


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