Daily Dose: ‘Black Velvet’ by The Lilac Time

Some days, you stumble across a song and think “how on earth did I not hear this song before now?”. One of those days just happened to me, and it is a truly marvellous experience when it does, as you do the best impression of a person desperately making up for lost music time. This is stunningly wonderful, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop since I first found it. One of the things that really stood out to me was how timeless it is; it could have been released yesterday and still sound as beautiful, when in fact it was from 1987, the first song from the band’s debut album. My initial thought was how much that quality reminded me of Nick Drake, and that was before I learned that the name of the band is actually taken from the Nick Drake song ‘River Man’, so they clearly listened to a lot of the master of contemporary folk as well. Funny thing about the band, actually: they were formed by Stephen Duffy (and his brother Nick), who was in a previous life a founding member of Duran Duran, which marks a shift in musical styles on par with a “Hawkwind to Motorhead” switch, for instance. Those two have been the only consistent members throughout the bands history, and they have released a ton of albums, but to be honest, forget all that right now and just marvel at this song with me. The fact that it’s a joy to sing along to is always a plus, and the imperfections in its recording, from my perspective at least, just add to its charm. The transition is one of the more sublime things I’ve heard recently, and as long as you don’t mind some sentiment and subtlety in your music, I can guarantee that you will find something to like, here. If not, I guess that maybe you don’t like nice songs? That’s okay as well, but it doesn’t seem like a very happy way to live.


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