Daily Dose: ‘It’s All Going Up Up Up’ by Ronnie Corbett

Ronnie Corbett sadly passed recently, and since I was a bit young for most of his comedy, I thought a bit of his music might be a good idea for a Sunday to nicely round out the weekend. This song, as well as being a jolly little British ditty, is a wonderful piece of musical history: few things are as much of a snapshot of a past period (in this case, the late 60’s early 70s) as music, and the musical hall joy that this evokes is practically unheard of in current times. That clichéd key change near the end may be predictable, but such things are expected for a reason, and it’s usually because people listening thought they sounded good. Not inventive, perhaps, but comfortable to the ear. The lyrics are a reference to the rising prices and the threat of devaluation present in the UK at the time, culminating in the general election victory for Edward Heath and the conservative party in 1970 (the year that this was released as a single). Lists are nearly always funny, sung lists doubly so, and double blessings of perfect delivery and a humorous orchestra only enhance this. Anyway, by all accounts he was a lovely man and I’m glad he left us with this little bundle of fun.


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