Daily Dose: ‘Love Like Blood’ by Killing Joke

Another oldie, this time from killing joke, who are a fantastic example of why it’s best to not get yourself pigeon holed. Apart from a seven year break at the turn of the millennium, they’ve been making music consistently since the start of the eighties. They were always industrial, but recently they’ve gone somewhat metal (if you want some recent tracks by them as examples of this, I can recommend these two), although they’ve always maintained a diverse portfolio. This is good, as it allows you to make the music you want to make freed from expectation, such as their most recent album Pylon, which is an industrial heavy rock stomp through current world themes. I should stress that the people making that album are the exact same core who made their first albums in the eighties, which is pretty amazing, although there were some line-up changes along the way (the original bassist had left by the time of ‘Love Like Blood’, but rejoined later). Perhaps because of this, the similarities from this track (from Night Time, 1985) and the later work are present, even if there’s less screamed/growled vocals and more eighties production. It’s got that distinctive guitar lick you’ve probably heard on the radio a few times, that robotic new wave vibe, the tribal drums and insistent bass. All the gloom and melancholy is still there, is just packaged differently, and I wanted to talk a bit about them because they prove that it’s possible to be constantly evolving and adjusting your music (and I guess yourself) while still being true to what you are about. Also, it’s a damn good song. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.


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