Daily Dose: ‘Evil Eye’ by Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand are a weird example of a band who got really famous on the back of the prevailing musical mood at the time, and then decided to actually sit down and release some really good music. Their first two albums were pretty good, but people seemed to go absolutely gaga over them, and then they released Tonight (2009), which is an absolutely amazing album from front to back and I would suggest everyone listen to, but didn’t seem to get nearly as much hype (although still went down well). They released one more album before getting into one of the best super-groups of all time (yes, already) with Sparks, which was titled Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), which I’m only just getting to properly now, to my shame. It seems a bit less “out there” than parts of its predecessor, with more of a straight up indie-dance vibe, at least based on this song and ‘Right Action’, the closest thing to a title track on the album. That’s okay though! Both of those songs are fun, groovy little numbers, and this one in particular (it was the third single), melds all of the exciting bits and simple but effective songwriting of early Franz Ferdinand with the sophistication and bite of the later works. The result is actually pretty groovy, manages to be stompy and spooky without becoming overly cheesy, and most importantly, remains fun. But seriously, if you haven’t, go listen to Tonight. I’m going to go listen to Right Thoughts…, so that seems like a fair trade.


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