Daily Dose: ‘Soft Machine’ by Palace Winter

Palace Winter are quickly turning into a band I know nothing about but really like, and the reason is songs like this. This popped into my life, again by chance, and has made me even keener to experience their upcoming album, as the Danish tunesmiths really know how to put together a classy sounding bit. This sounds so easy and fresh while still managing to be a bit different and alien sounding, which is a neat combination to nail and these guys seem to have it handled. It results in a fantastic song that is all too easy to lose yourself in. A lot of this sort of music gets attempted, and I would put these guys near the top of the pile, and that’s before I’ve even heard their album! Speaking of said album: I’d say it has a pretty good chance to be a real summer anthem, coming out at the start of June and possessing the kind of wonderful dreamy vibe that could go down really well. A few more songs like this one, and this albums going straight on my favourite albums of the year list; their songs really do get a bit stuck in your head, but not in an insistent, annoying manner, more in a friendly almost familiar way. I’m a big fan, and I’m really eagerly anticipating the album and what they do next.


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