Daily Dose: ‘Beautiful People’ by Mark Pritchard

I really, really adore this, and I’m not actually sure why. It’s kooky, to be sure, but I find it absolutely beautiful, and keep listening to it over and over. So simple, yet so clever and effective. Mark Pritchard is a music producer who tragically happens to share his name with a Tory politician, so watch out for that if you’re looking for him. He’s been around for a good long while under a bunch of different names and with a host of different people, but I’m very excited to get to Under The Sun, the album that this track is from, as experimental electronic ambient music is pretty much my jam, especially when it’s done with as much artistry and intrigue as this. I don’t even need the vocals on this track really, I’d be happy with just the background production, but Thom Yorke (yes, he of Radiohead), does a really nice job with the whole wonderful mystery vibe, and manages to add a nice mournful element over the top. I could listen to those flutes all day, and still feel great about them, and while the low intensity meandering may not appeal to everybody, I love that the fact that he’s trying to get weird with his music doesn’t affect its impact or quality at all. I think it’s an absolute treat, but it may not be your bag if you’re not a fan of soft electronica – I would urge people to try it anyway, though, because it is exquisite.


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