Daily Dose: ‘Not Harmless’ by Laura Gibson

More New York, but this time, more folk. Also, clever folk with a good female singer is always a fantastic joy to find, so this is a winner straight away. Laura Gibson is someone I know little about, but she’s clearly a bit famous based on my experience googling her, I suspect through her work in advertising. This is from her fourth album, Empire Builder (great name, that), which came out this year, and it’s pretty arty but not so much so that it’s suffocating. It doesn’t really sound folky in the traditional sense, definitely being from the new American breed pioneered by Iron & Wine, among others, but it does a really good job of sounding like it could have come from lots of different origins without sounding unfocused. I really like it, and it doesn’t hang around either, at just over three minutes long and operating a brisk pace, so I found myself listening to it quite a few times. I reckon quite a lot of people would get along well with this, so I’ll be hitting up the album later on to see if it holds up well – I imagine it will, but I’d be interested to see how much variety there is on it. Anyway, this tracks got some lovely music, clever lyrics and is tightly put together, and I don’t really know what more you could want in a song.


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