Daily Dose: ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ by Electric Light Orchestra

It’s about this time that the full line-ups for Glastonbury are revealed, and would you believe it, Electric Light Orchestra are on the bill this year. Or rather, Jeff Lynne’s ELO are. I guess that’s so we can be extra sure that it’s Jeff Lynne running the show and not Roy Wood or one of those other jokers? Anyway, for those like me who weren’t present in the seventies, ELO were a band from Birmingham that wanted to make rock and pop songs that sounded a bit like classical music, and in the process made some neat tunes that lots of people loved. I imagine they’ll be playing in the Sunday “legends” slot, and to be fair, I imagine that they’ve got the chops and the back catalogue to slap out a pretty good show. This track is from their 1979 album Discovery, or “the one after the one everyone knows”, and it’s a real catchy number. Seriously, if you listen to this and don’t get even a little groovy, there must be something a little bit wrong with you, it’s got a little bit of everything about it (like a lot of ELO tunes, I guess) from disco to prog rock, and I imagine it going down a storm among the slightly sozzled Somerset crowd later this summer. I might try and pick out some more Glastonbury performers in the upcoming months, but for now, sit back and enjoy a time where horseshoe moustaches, sunglasses and afros were in high fashion. A better time.


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