Daily Dose: ‘Fall In Time’ by Teleman

I’m going to come out and say it again: no-one is doing pop music better than Teleman right now. They keep making new songs make me think I like them better than the last one, which as someone who doesn’t always get a massively emotional response from music, and doesn’t generally get into the habit of replaying the same song over and over, absolutely amazed me. I played this one over and over, partly through the nostalgic euphoria of seeing it performed live before hearing it, and partly because it’s an amazing song. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be, with the simple low piano notes and clear lyrics, but it develops and builds brilliantly in a way that some great songs do. It feels like, in a similar vein to Ratatat’s ‘Gettysburg’, that this song is built entirely around the drop, and in both cases I would encourage that; when the emotional peak of your music is that potent, why not craft an entire song around it? Not everyone will like it as much as I do, because I have the emotional context of it reminding me of a euphoric time to fall back on, but even taking it out of that setting, it’s still of a pretty high quality: it’s catchy, it’s still got a blast of those fantastic indie pop harmonies, and it executes the slow burn very well. The album it’s from, Brilliant Sanity, is a somewhat more experimental beast than its predecessor, but there’s still all the best bits of indie goodness from the last ten years packaged up and spliced in there, and that’s no-where more present than on this song. Sure, it’s relatively simple, and I’m not sure whether it will stick with me long term as much as ‘Dusseldorf’, but if you like pop music in any capacity you’d be missing out by not listening to it.


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