Daily Dose: ‘In a Room’ by Dodgy

Let’s get back to the nineties! There are some things about the nineties (as demonstrated by Dodgy) that have kind of stood the test of time, such as fancy dyed hair and sweatshirts, and sneakers. Some things did not as much, such as music videos filmed in a single room (mostly) and psychedelic middle eights with string sections, although I think both of these things can make a comeback. Anyway, this was another song from my youth that I’ve come back to in a fresh light and decided that actually it was pretty good. Anyway, Dodgy, were (are?) a Britpop/power pop trio from Hounslow in London that hit the music scene in the 90’s at pretty much optimal Britpop zenith, released three albums and then broke up at the end of the nineties (they knew that the good times were coming to an end), before subsequently getting back to together a couple of time to release a couple of albums. I’ll be honest, I’ve not heard much by them outside of this song, which, as several commentators have noted, has a bit of The Who going on within it. I’m firmly in the camp that believes that this is a good thing to emulate, and to be honest it’s a pleasant enough song on its own merits, although it could have done with ending a bit sharper, I feel. Still, good way to start the day, bit of invigorating guitar music. Oh, there’s some walking on train tracks and a beach in the video as well, so consider those some bonus tropes that it was nice of the lads to slip in for us there. Very uplifting.


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