Daily Dose: ‘Ether’ by Mogwai

Mogwai have been fairly prolific lately, and they’ve been very open and friendly concerning talking about that and other aspects of their creative process, which is not something you would necessarily associate with the type of music they generally make. This is from the album Atomic, that came out on the first of April. The album is, in very Mogwai fashion, a selection of reworked versions of their soundtrack for Storyville – Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise, which was a documentary on the dawning of the atomic age that aired last year on the BBC. I didn’t see it, but this track does have a very soundtrack feel to it. I have a soft spot for Mogwai (I still think think the first four tracks on Mr. Beast are among the best opening four ever), but I really like the hopeful atmosphere this hints towards, with its rolling brass and sparse guitars (until the final crescendo, anyway) making me think of panning shots and bits of scenery, even if it may be bits of scenery that’s blighted by fallout and radiation. I think it’s pretty good, (unsurprisingly, it is fantastic background music) and I’ll be giving the album a whirl at some point when I get the chance, in the hope that it’s all this nice to listen to. Okay, it’s not world changing, but contextualise it for what it is, and I’d be surprised if you dislike listening to it.


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