Daily Dose: ‘Too Late’ by We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists released one album that I thought was a masterpiece of the indie pop genre (Barbara, 2010), and a bunch of other things that I never really got into at all. However, I remember that album more than fondly enough to be interested when I saw a new release by them appear, so I dived straight for it. This, unfortunately for me, does not inspire me nearly as much as the songs from Barbara did, and while I’m sure some people will love it for its upmarket indie rock earnestness, it has nothing of the bite or spark of their earlier work (at least, not to my ear). Perhaps that comes with getting a bit older, perhaps that comes with taking a bit more time over songs and trying to emulate a Fountains of Wayne musical career trajectory, but it doesn’t really do it for me. I actually went back to listen to Barbara just to check that I wasn’t remembering it through rose-tinted goggles, but nope, it still kicks arse, and the opening one-two punch (with both songs under three minutes) is still one of the best I’ve ever heard on a indie rock album. This isn’t bad, but it is not that – that colours my perception somewhat, undoubtedly, and it is still pleasant and mellow enough, if a little vanilla. Maybe they’ll be some more edge on the album. This song does, however, win points for having a very silly video, which is always a good way to draw some positive recognition.


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