Daily Dose: ‘Bad Habits’ by The Last Shadow Puppets

It’s very rare that I would accuse someone of having “too much fun”, but I think that designation has to apply to The Last Shadow Puppets, which is just a couple of mates having a good time making music, except that at least one of the mates happens to be a high profile rock and roll star. It appears to be an excuse for Miles Kane, Alex Turner and James Ford to be as big as caricatures of old style rock stars as they can, apart for in Turners case where I’m pretty sure that is actually just his personality now. However, I’m not going to get upset at people for enjoying themselves, and they clearly felt like that taking the mickey out of themselves wasn’t a problem either, since they named their recent album Everything You’ve Come To Expect. This was the lead single from it, and it’s alright, really. If that seems like a somewhat unhelpful and uninformative opinion I apologise, but it sort of accurately reflects my level of excitement with this song, i.e. not very much. It’s got some urgency to it, but I still much prefer what Turner and Ford get up to in Arctic Monkeys and Simian Mobile Disco, and I suspect that’s just a preference thing. It’s not a bad song or anything, but I can’t see myself going back to it.


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