Daily Dose: ‘Running’ by Champs

When I listed my favourite albums of last year, I expressed a belief that I’d probably forgotten something. Well, I’ve remembered what it was: Vamala, by Champs, last year’s sophomore follow up to their stunning debut Down Like Gold. Anyway, in retrospect this would slot in at the 8 hole, pushing everyone else down by one (sorry Maccabees, but you were sort of in a three way tie situation anyway, and this is neater). I’ve talked about it already, but it’s a lovely soft album, with more complexity than there first but no less beautiful. Emphasis on space, harmonies, and sounding nice, so if you don’t like those things in your music then it won’t be for you. They’re also a great live show if you get the chance. Anyway, this was the third song on that album, and was the point where the album won me over, specifically, the chord shift half way through the verse. It’s not complex, but it is effective, to me at least.

“trouble in the sky, trouble in the sea.”

Also, there’s a sped up Creange Remix on the internet which is pretty neat. I prefer the original because the slowed down tempo lets you hang on the notes for longer, but the remix is an absolutely fantastic day starter, so if something with a beat is more your scene, check that out.


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