Daily Dose: ‘Fading Like A Flower’ by Roxette

Pop music. Equal parts reviled and embraced. A genre of music that is so vast as to be utterly meaningless as a definition, and which I sometimes knowingly avoid in its modern incarnation. One of the reasons for that is that nearly everything pop music has given us in the last 25 years has been done before and better, and to back up this seemingly bold statement, I present Roxettes Joyride, released on March 28 1991, exactly 25 years to the day. It is an album that I unashamedly love, and I consider myself as having okay taste in music. You might say that these two things are mutually exclusive, to which I’d say that there’s no such thing as a musical guilty pleasure and if you don’t like this album you can’t like actually enjoying things very much. It gave us this song, which is an over the top pop rock epic so gloriously exaggerated in almost all aspects as to modern ears to seem like a caricature of itself. This does not matter: it’s still a damn good song, regardless of what you think about the musical choices. It’s fantastic fun to sing along to, it’s fantastic for getting pumped, and I adore its earnest goofyness. Everything that was good about late nineties/early nowts pop music is done here and probably better, and that counts for a lot.


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