Daily Dose: ‘Easy Action’ by She

Back to electro, with a chiptune flavour. I’m not really a big fan of She, to be honest with you, as to my ears it combines all the cheesy bits of trap and chiptune that I’m not really into. However, different strokes for different folks, and I don’t mind this track at all, even if it is quite twitchy. Intensity and speed are pretty important here, and I imagine that it’s pretty fantastic stuff to be listening to on your fourteenth red bull playing Counter Strike at four in the morning, so as ever, context with music counts for quite a lot. There’s been an absolute explosion of this type of music over the last few years, which I’m pretty happy about, even if it means it’s impossible to listen to, as the more choice people have in their listening habits, the better. Anyway, this squeezes the most out of its melody, gets in, does its stuff, and then gets out. Personally, I’ll take Savants brand of more laid back variety than this style of busier, more frantic work, but I suspect that it’s going to come down to what you’re into, and if you happen to like the glitchier electro, this is your bag.


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