Daily Dose: ‘Doing It To Death’ by The Kills

This song is so dang cool. It’s almost a little bit too cool, actually; this song clearly smokes, has tight jeans, and wears sunglasses whatever the weather. I’m going to take a moment to talk about Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, (one half of the band with Alison Mosshart) because he’s done some weird things in his life, including playing in British folk band Blyth Power (obvious similarities), and marrying Kate Moss. These bizarre aspects of his history have apparently empowered his guitar playing, which these days is pretty effortless in its swaggering confidence, languidly powering the song along. That, combined with Mosshart’s vocals, are a good reminder that you get a lot done with the power of bluesy rock and roll and not much else. They’ve got a bit of a death fascination, The Kills, as if the band name and song title weren’t enough, this is from an upcoming album called Ash & Ice (June 3rd, 2016). This is pretty simple, no doubt, but it’s elegant, laid back and catchy to boot, getting stuck in my head almost immediately when I first heard it. Lovers of the cooler side of indie/garage rock will take to it, it’s raw and edgy sounding but poppy enough to be accessible. I’m not sure I’m necessarily cool enough to appreciate all the atmosphere going on within it, but I don’t hate it, that’s for sure.


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