Daily Dose: ‘Almost There’ by Night Runner

This is from an album, Starfighter, that popped up in my recommended feed on the Youtubes a while back while I was listening to something else, and I happened to click and listen to it, as I sometimes do when I’m feeling adventurous. Anyway, I was rewarded with more throwback synthwave, which is pretty much something I’m always amenable to. Quite a lot of it is very sparse and minimalist, so if you’re expecting to have your socks rocked off the whole way you may be disappointed, but it settles in nicely as a sort of soundtrack to your day, and bits of it are more face melting action, so there’s some variety to get into. This falls into the latter of those two categories, with its galloping bassline and drum machine taps, not to mention it’s outrageously over the top guitar work. But seriously, galloping in an electronic track? That’s brilliant, and insane, and possibly genius when it sounds good, as it does here. For a genre of music so heavily rooted in nostalgia, this album does a great job of feeling spacey and futuristic, and it’s excellence as backing music aside, this is the sort of music I want to have on when I want to feel just a little bit silly. Other tracks might be more dramatic, but I like this one for the sense of movement it provides, making it great music to cruise your spaceship to.


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