Daily Dose: ‘Voices in My Head’ by Bob Mould

He might be getting on a bit, but Bob Mould can still crack out a tune. Sure, he may have slowed down some since his days fronting Hüsker Dü, but if you’d hit the eighties that hard you’d probably have slowed down a bit since them as well. If you’re not familiar with Hüsker Dü, the best guide I can give is that they are combination of Nirvana (but better) and REM (but rockier), and they were one of the few hardcore punk/alternative rock bands to make consistently good sounding music from soup to nuts. This is certainly more on the lighter side of the alternative rock spectrum, but it caught my ear while it was on the radio, and I came back to it later and found I quite liked it. It’s probably wont provoke devastating soul searching, but as a nice light bit of american light rock, it’s pretty good. It’s catchy enough that it got into my head, and it doesn’t really sound like it’s an elder alt rock statesmen, at first I though it was one of these young kids with their indie bands singing. Also, Bob’s discovered auto-tune since those old days and seems to be having some fun with it, which is great. Not sure about the old style fade out, but whatever, it’s still a pleasant enough bit of music to listen to. Good road song, I suspect.


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