Daily Dose: ‘Scapegoat’ by Kylesa

Time for the metal day! This song, the opener from the Static Tensions album, immediately stood out to me because the main lyric in the chorus “Dig them up”, presumably a reference to graves or grudges or feelings or something else metal, instead sounded like it was being sung as “Digganobs”, a thoroughly niche reference to the Warhammer 40k universe. Now, you might say that this a bad reason for being drawn to a song, and you may even be right, but there’s a proud tradition of misheard song lyrics to consider here. I’m sure everyone has their own favourite examples, metal is rife for it, no doubt, but I am personally very enamoured of the time that Enter Shikari spent an entire song trying to convince me that “I am a Bicycle!”. Anyway, I actually quite like this, in all its double drumming combined with over the top vocals splendour. It’s apparently from a genre called sludge metal (whatever that it), and is from an album called Static Tensions (2009, their fourth album), and from a place called Savannah (In Georgia, USA). All of those things took my fancy to a greater or lesser extent, and this song is pretty pumped even without the potential for a hilarious misheard lyric.


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