Daily Dose: ‘Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me’ by Mass Gothic

Oh, sure, having to save someone every night might seem glamorous, but after a while it’d get real tiresome, trust me. As is the style these days, Mass Gothic actually is just one guy called Noel Heroux, which is a much better name than Mass Gothic, so I’m a little disappointed straight away. Anyway, this is actually quite a simple upbeat number, replete with “oos” in the verse and a jaunty soul-esque chorus. I’m pretty certain there’s a tambourine getting involved there as well. This is all fine, I’m in the camp that considers moderate tambourine use acceptable provided you are a consenting adult and are aware of the health risks. Anyway, it’s refreshing without being a real palate cleanser, musically, I don’t if it’s just because of the band name, but I was expecting something a little bit darker, for some reason. It’s still nice though, I’m not going to knock a song for sounding hopeful, even if the lyrics seem a bit incongruous. I don’t really have too much more to say about it, to be honest: it’s not really got lodged in my head yet, but if you like bouncy indie pop with a bit of a soul twist to it, then this would be a good song to check out.


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