Daily Dose: ‘Epitome XV’ by Blut Aus Nord

If you weren’t already confident that we were talking about a metal band here, allow me to tell that this track is from the album 777 – Cosmosophy, which also happens to be the final instalment of the 777 trilogy, and that all of the tracks are some variation of ‘Epitome’. This is the tenth album of the French black metal veterans, although this is the first time they’ve got on my radar, being recommended to me based on my love of fellow frenchies Alcest (who I think are one of the best things in metal right now). I suspect these guys of taking themselves too seriously, but that’s a very metal thing to do so I’ll let them off. Anyway, this track is pretty swell, although I want to call it great background music which sounds like I’m damming it with faint praise. I’m not trying to, it just lends itself well to reading or other activities, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally could have done without all the gurgling at the end, it sounded a bit like someone attempting to brush their teeth whilst shouting at a bad pet to me, but there’s not very much and I suppose it’s a stylistic thing, so I guess that’s okay. If you like a spot of varied black metal, this is for you.


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