Daily Dose: ‘I Have Been To The Mountain’ by Kevin Morby

I don’t know squat about Kevin Morby, but this song came on one day while I was on Soundcloud (yay Soundcloud), and I let it ride. This was a good choice, as the mountain sounds like a very pretty place with cool trumpets and choirs, and I would also like to visit there someday. I believe that this is a reference to a Martin Luther King speech, but who knows, there are lots of mountains that Dr. King didn’t visit, so it could be one of them. Coming from an album called ‘Singing Saw,’ out April 5th, this tunes got that new laid back folk feel that places like Texas are doing so well these days, but it’s actually got a nice amount of pop to go with that, and Morby’s voice, both imploring but not overly forceful, really works for me. For a social justice song, it’s not especially preachy, which is an aspect I’m a big fan of, as nothing turns me off a message faster than having it rammed down my throat. That’s especially important here, as the lyrics are actually referencing a very serious social issue (police violence in America), and it’s done well to not come off as reactionary. In fact, it’s so serene sounding as to be almost peaceful, which may not be the overall point, but makes for a lovely listen.


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