Daily Dose: ‘Astronaught’ by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a pretty powerful lady. She proved, once and for all, (although it was already fairly widely known) that the Daily Mail is a sexist rag run by fascists and that it’s not fit to clean you bum with. For this, and for taking the fight directly to them, she will have my everlasting respect, but there’s so much more to her than that. She was one half of bizzaro merchants The Dresden Dolls, and she does a trade in punky sounding alternative rock with that powerful voice. She’s big on fan interaction, controversy and not giving a crap, which are three things I’m potentially a big fan of in anyone, provide that these things are not done for their own sake. Also, she’s married to Neil Gaiman, making her one half of one of the premier alternative power couples. That all said, I’ve never really got into Amanda Palmer’s music much. This is possibly due to my innate distrust of both punk and showmanship, both things that she seems to able to embrace with some skill. I certainly can’t deny she’s a talented musician, and this is a vigorous poppy number that contains her usual verve and style. It’s from her debut solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008), which if you listen to it now and consider what music came after, sounds somewhat ahead of its time. That’s never a bad place to be.


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