Daily Dose: ‘EPR//EDP’ by Grendel

Grendel seem a bit angry, and that’s fair enough, a lot of people are angry right now, so it’s good to reflect that climate. On the flip side, for the sake of balance, a bunch of people are clearly not angry, so perhaps they’re limiting themselves a bit much. I love this track though, which is apparently about the consumption of pork rinds. I’m not 100% on the album, (Timewave Zero) but bits of it have really grown on me, and to its credit it does hit up a lot of different places, from acid house to German techno to a bit Eurobeat in parts. I like the instrumental tracks a lot more than the vocal work, I think. Some may find this tune a little creepy, but I think it’s great, but I’m coming from the perspective of not having eaten pork rinds or dead pig for a good few years now, so others may feel differently about a song based almost entirely around those concepts. I never say no to enjoyable trance however, and it’s actually not too heavy despite the somewhat gory content, so you may get a good listen out of this if you like cool techno that’s a bit different. Whoever the guy in the song is though, he sure eats a lot of dead pig.


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