Daily Dose: ‘The Heavens Opened and Closed’ by Moth Equals

This track is some absolute sick filth, for sure. It’s from the One Tusk EP, which has gone hurtling straight to the top of my ‘favourite albums of 2016 so far’ list. Don’t let the EP designation fool you, this is eight often large tracks that are an absolute joyous album sized trip into the cosmos, and if you have any interest in breakbeat or alternative Indian music I would absolutely insist that you get out and buy this record immediately. Frankly, even if you don’t I’d give it a shot, there’s probably something in there for you if you actually like music. My favourite track from it is actually probably ‘Cordiform’, which is six minutes of pure unadulterated amazing, but ‘The Heavens Opened and Closed’ (great title) was the first track I heard, and as I still love it and it is somewhat shorter, this is the choice of the day. There is a word for music like this, and that word is: dank. A more eloquent way to put it would be to say that this EP is euphoric, and it really is – I broke out into fits of giggles while listening to it (admittedly under the influence of other stimuli as well) at least twice so far. I’ve been listening to it at home, whilst walking, at friend’s houses, wherever I can. The fusion of traditional folk sounds and dubstep/trip hop style backing has been done before, no doubt, but rarely have I heard an album that has absolutely nailed the vibe as perfectly as this one. It’s musings remind me of the ethereal, mysterious parts of other albums that I was intrigued by and wanted to hear more of, and it’s fantastic that one person with no label and limited money for publicity has put that feeling together to make one of my favourite ambient albums that I’ve heard in recent memory. I might get sick of this track (and the EP) at some point, but at this stage of listening to its songs on repeat for days, I highly doubt it.


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