Daily Dose: ‘Knochentanz’ by Yorkston/Thorne/Khan

I really like this track, but I’ll admit from the off that it is fourteen minutes long so unless you know you like folk fusion this might be one to skip. It’s from an album called Everything Sacred, which I was desperate to listen to and was not disappointed – I listened to this track three times in a row before moving onto the rest of the album. Like almost all experimental collaborations I’m keener on some bits of it than others, but parts of it are just fantastically beautiful, and credit should always be given when someone has succeeded in putting a new spin on traditional music and the result being so easy to listen to. This is not the most accessible thing on the album (it won’t be released as a single, let’s put it that way), but it’s the track I’ve listened to the most, and I adore having it on in the background to pretty much anything I do. The sarangi is one of those instruments that always sounds somewhat dramatic when played well, and Khan is a master. In fact, these three are all pretty top talents, which means that the resulting Indian folk jazz fusion record feels like the sort of thing that came together really easily (I’m sure it didn’t, I imagine a lot of hard work and effort went into this). Some good news: these guys are apparently taking this out live, which is great and I hope it leads to some future collaboration, because this is fascinating stuff (and very different, which is always great).


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