Daily Dose: ‘The Noise Came From Here’ by Saul Williams

This is pretty neat. It’s fairly politically charged in nature – one of the videos features the town of Ferguson, USA, and there’s some spoken word attached to the start and the end. Anyway, the repetitive chanted backing gets stuck madly in one’s head, in a good way, and the sparsity of proceedings lends it a kind of power. It’s certainly very evocative, as well as ominous, but for Saul Williams, who’s been around the block for a while now, that’s his bread and butter. He has also selected a fantastic name for a song, managing to be both descriptive and mysterious, so he gets points for that. It’s quite short, weighing in at at under three minutes, and that adds to its impact; it’s not just here to sound good and be a head nodded, it’s here to make a statement as well, and it does a good job at all of those things. I’m always game to hear more music like this (both afrobeat and music that’s making a point), and powerful examples that don’t come off as preachy can be in limited supply. It means that your mileage with it may vary based on your tolerance for politicised music, but it’s a nice little track regardless of that.


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