Daily Dose: ‘Two Hearts’ by NZCA Lines

NZCA Lines recent output is sick. The more I hear of it, the more I like it. The zenith so far for me has been this song, which both grooves along effortlessly and has enough crunch to get my teeth into. It is, in correct parlance, a banger, and showcases both really talented production but also some tidy songwriting skills as well. You should listen to it, no doubt, but I also want to take some time to talk about NZCA lines the band. For starters, there’s Michael Lovett, he of the ideas, most of which seem to boil down to “and then everybody had a party” which is fine by me, thank you. Then, there’s Charlotte Hatherley, who’s been in the backing band for practically everyone in the British Isles, so she has form. Finally, Sarah Jones, who is possibly my favourite drummer to watch ever and has helped transform Hot Chip into one of the most engaging live bands around right now. Also In Our Heads is Hot Chip’s best album and that was the one she was first credited on, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. This is clearly a good combination of people, for a variety of reasons: for starters, they are all absolutely beautiful. Observe this promotional picture:

This is like an advert for how to age gracefully while looking suave and stylishly European. Everything about it is so stern and dismissive and attractive, which doesn’t seem to have any relation to the music at all, but sod it, they can look serious, aloof and appealing while producing top quality electronic music, so why wouldn’t they. I’m not jealous at all, honest. Anyway, ‘Two Hearts’ is easily one of the top electronic tracks of the year so far, being a great dance tune while also being catchy as heck, and I’d recommend it heartily. Video’s a bit intimidating, but I’m starting to notice a pattern regarding that and these guys, so if that works for them, roll with it.

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