Daily Dose: ‘Eva’ by MMOTHS

This is a catastrophically stupid name for a band. Yes, I am aware that this is not technically a band, but regardless. It is both all capitalised and has a redundant letter, two of the cardinal sins of band naming (unless there is an acronym involved, in which case it is acceptable). I know that the need to be easy to search on the internet is a pressing concern, but you’d think there’s a happy medium somewhere. Perhaps all the good band names really are taken. This was another youtube add I decided to stop and listen to, although admittedly I did save this one for later, as it were, as I was in too much of a rush to consume my previously scheduled video. But the spirit of engagement was present, and I did eventually go back and listen to this slice of atmospheric electronica. It’s from an album called Luneworks (which is a good name for an album, so they clearly do have it in them) that is supposedly imminent, hence the ad campaign, I suppose. It’s pretty good, although it didn’t really grow on me initially, perhaps being a little bit over-reliant on that airy intro hook which forms a refrain over the whole track. The vocals are nice enough, although they could have really come from anywhere – this dude is from Ireland, maybe a bit of geographical colour might have made more of an impression on me. Overall its fine but it didn’t really grab me in the same way as say, Makeness did.


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