Daily Dose: ‘You Can Make It If You Try’ by Sly and the Family Stone

Time for something more upbeat! I was way too young for Sly and the Family Stone the first time around, and no-one in my family really listened to this kind of music, so they were one of the bands I had to catch up on later on in life. This isn’t one of their most famous songs, but I picked it because it’s good to have a bit of variety, and also because it’s a super neat tune. That delicious hammond organ mini solo is just boss, and the lyrics may not be the most in depth thing ever written, but it sure is ace that they have such overwhelming positivity about them. And if you don’t like funk music even a little, especially when it is so tidily and uniquely put together as The Family do it, then I think there might be something wrong with you. If nothing else, there’s some serious history here – if having a multi-racial multi-gendered lineup in the era of the civil rights movement wasn’t incredible enough, there’s also the fact that their contribution to funk and soul music is regarded is absolutely critical, and for good reason. It’s sure as hell got stuck in my head, like a lot of their songs have the power to do. Maybe it’ll get stuck in your as well.


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