Daily Dose: ‘Numbers’ by Daughter

What a nice group of young people Daughter seem to be. From their utterly charming lead singer, to their synchronised dress sense and upbeat stage mannner, they put over a sense of being a lovely, pleasant group of people. Which is all slightly odd, considering that their music is so downright miserable. This was another of the bands that I saw the other day, and despite some noted aphrodisiac like effects on the crowd, it was easily the most subdued thing offered, which is fine but not sure about it in the context of a warehouse rammed with people. They did this song which is one of the ones I knew, and it’s quite a delicate little thing really, in a similar vein to some xx records but with perhaps a bit less quirkiness and a bit more despondency. It, like a lot of their other output, is not what one would call a happy song, but it is kind of beautiful in its own way. To be honest, it doesn’t do anything really special for me outside of being a nice listen; I find the lyrics slightly whiny, and while I do like some sad songs, this just feels a bit gloomy for gloominess sake to me. However, I know a lot of people have time for this kind of light (in instrumentation, the lyrics can get somewhat heavy) indie rock, and I know people who are big fans, so as ever, it’s a taste thing.


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