Daily Dose: ‘Dusseldorf’ by Teleman

I absolutely adore Teleman. No-one, in my mind, is doing quirky pop better at the moment. If you haven’t heard their last album Breakfast you need to, and if you don’t like even some of it then I’m not sure we can be friends. So, when I found out there was a new song out, I was understandably ecstatic, and that excitement was justified because this track is the bomb. It’s the first single taken from Teleman’s new album Brilliant Sanity, due for release on 8th April, and it is just a perfect pop song. Everything, from the cool sounding guitars to the sick intro and ending to the catchy vocals is just superb. I thought it would be some time before they made a song I liked as much as ‘Redhead Saturday’, and the fact that they have done this so quickly is exceptional; this is easily my favourite song of the new year so far. It’s so wonderfully cinematic and simple and fabulous to sing along to, all the things that result in it being a delight to listen to. They’re touring the UK with NZCA Lines in April (including I think a Leeds date) and I’m there. Consider it done.


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