Daily Dose: ‘We Need A Gimmick’ by Nekrogoblikon

Time for some of the heavier stuff. You know what I don’t like about a lot of metal, and its associated fans? It takes itself too damn seriously. You know what I do like about Nekrogoblikon? They clearly don’t take themselves seriously at all, and that is completely proven by their music video for this song, in which a freaking goblin is lecturing a metal band on what they require in their band videos to make it big, leading to a montage of daft overblown takes on different music video genres. That’s pretty stupid and I love it, and their willingness to engage with goofiness is further proven by the video for ‘No One Survives’, which features a goblin working a regular 9 to 5 until he finally throws all his toys out the pram and goes completely fruit loopy. The goblin wearing office clothes seems to be a ongoing shtick these guys have, and you’ve got a running gag like that I guess you’d be a fool not to use it. The vocals are somewhat screamo, so you’ve been warned if that’s not your thing, but the lyrics are fun, and the music is a pretty good cross between rocky and cheesy. I can’t even tell what they’re pastiching with this song. Is it Black Metal? Probably. The public? Yeah, does seems like it. Other types of music? Sure, what have they done that is so special. Themselves? Yeah, these guys feel like they go in for a big slice of self-deprecating humour. The obvious joke aside, it seems pretty self-aware as well as being fun, which are two traits metal music is tragically short of. Okay, it’s not the sort of music I’d want to listen to all day, but taken on its own as a fun exercise in frivolity it’s actually a pretty good time.


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