Daily Dose: ‘I’ll Be The Night’ by Money

I can’t get this flipping song out of my head. These guys owe one heck of a debt to Morrissey, and I guess The Smiths in general, right from the opening guitar which could be straight out of Salford in the eighties. It’s from an album called Suicide Songs (January 29th, 2016), which is a charmingly uplifting title for any work. Speaking of names, it’s amazing to me that the band name Money wasn’t taken before now, especially as these guys only formed in 2011 (out of Manchester, for the record, which helps explains some of The Smiths similarities). Anyway, I like this song a whole bunch; the lyrics are not what first grabbed me, to be honest (They’re about as miserable as one would expect coming from such a joyously named album, although there are some very pretty turns of phrase in there as well), but the tune and the use of space immediately took me in, reminding me of what I liked about The Smiths but combining it with moments of expansion that lend the song a beautiful sense of flow. It’s really quite a handsome song, and while it’s definitely mournful nature (perhaps even a bit whiny) will turn some people off it, there is quite a lot of depth going on to pick apart with repeated listens. Plus, it didn’t half get lodged in my brain, and that’s normally a pretty good sign.


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