Daily Dose: ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by Fat White Family

The best way I can think of to describe Fat White Family is violent, both musically and in other areas. “Feverish” is perhaps a more diplomatic way of putting that (not that they’d really care), and that feeling is enhanced now they’ve gone somewhat psychedelic, at least in as much as using heroin as your primary muse allows you. How much heroin is too much heroin, anyway? It is pretty forthright stuff, and I’d only really recommend listening to a full album if you’re a bit fan of provocative lyrics and speedballs. This songs actually pretty groovy (It’s easily the least aggressive thing I’ve heard from them), combining Stranglers style organs, a throbbing disco beat and airy processed vocals to make the closest thing to a pop tune you’ll ever see out of these guys. I really like it, but I like the psych element more than the utterly unhinged vibe, so mileage may vary. Most of the stuff that gets played on the radio is fairly good though. If you like the rattier side of punk, these guys have a great tribute to Mark E. Smith titled somewhat redundantly ‘I am Mark E. Smith’, which you may enjoy, and funnily enough The Fall is the closest band I can compare these guys easily to. If you want a softer entry point though, start here.


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