Daily Dose: ‘The World Is Waiting’ by The Crookes

The Crookes are from Sheffield, that hotbed of indie rock and trendiness nestled in the heart of Yorkshire. They’re also onto their fourth album now, yet still appear to retain their sense of excitement about everything, as displayed on this song. It sounds more like that they’re just trying to break out here while making music for their friends’ parties This track is from aforementioned album (Lucky Ones), and sort of bustles along in an amiable enough manner, until it gets to the chorus and it ramps it all up a notch. The Britpop style anthem chorus and the pleasant indie backing vocals (not to mention those drums that sound straight out of an electric six record) take it in my eyes to merely okay radio fodder to actually pretty good radio fodder. Revolutionary it is not, and there are people doing this type of music in the UK with a lot more fanfare at the moment, but it’s a good fun sing-along listen and at under three minutes won’t take up much of your day. It’s pretty derivative, but it still sounds pretty good so who cares; if you’re going to be somewhat unremarkable at least sound really really exciting. The only thing I would say is that I’m not mad about the ending: why not end on the really good bit of the song, instead of the merely okay bit?


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