Daily Dose: ‘Infinity’ by Guru Josh

Wow, this week’s been an absolute doozy, so I’ve been pretty lax about writing about music, sorry. Anyhoo, time for some catch up tunes, via the power of 90’s house.

Before the epic sax guy from Moldova came and captured all our collective hearts, there was Guru Josh. Before I continue actually, Isn’t it really weird that by far my most vivid recollection from Eurovision for the last ten years is of a small instrumental section (The guy’s name is Sergey Stepanov, and full credit to him) from a band I’ve never heard of that placed 22nd in the contest? Go look it up, if you’re not exposed to internet memes on a regular basis. Anyway, this track may be a product of its era, an era of dodgy facial hair (and hair in general, really) and chronic MDMA usage, but it still sounds absolutely great to me. It’s pretty quirky, no doubt, but those jazzy keyboard solo’s and that goofy sax riff are just so earnestly enjoyable that it’s hard to not nod your head to this tune. You might be able to resist if you’re stronger than me, but I can’t. This was Guru Josh’s (real name Paul Walden, sadly no longer with us) most well known release, and it has been remixed roughly eighteen thousand times, so there’s a bundle of different versions to listen to if that takes your fancy. In the meantime, I’m going to go relive all the silliness of the nineties as it was meant to be viewed: through the medium of acid house.


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