Daily Dose: ‘Forever In Your Debt’ by The Slow Readers Club

This is pretty neat, think a more gothy Editors and you’ve got a rough starting ballpark. It’s a bit Interpol as well. They’re a four piece that formed out of the ashes of previous band Omerta (which is a snappier name, it has to be said), and they are starting to gain some traction with tracks like this, from their new album Calvacade (good name). This songs pretty catchy, actually, provided you like a bit of dirge; the band have said that it is about finding solace in being in love with someone, which actually sounds pretty nice, even if it is somewhat at odds with the feel of the song. I’d say the bass and guitar work in this is pretty engrossing, even if it’s not the most complex stuff in the world, it’s does a good job of getting in your head with that almost regimented persistence. I think the band is from Manchester, which makes sense, there’s a good history of vaguely miserable music from that corner of the UK. (which I actually quite enjoy, personally). I enjoy this chaps vocals as well, he’s just distinctive enough without being annoying. I liked it, and I’m going to get around to their album at some point.


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